Gang loots £15,000 of designer gear at Doncaster boutique

James Jones, Director, pictured at Robinsons of Bawtry, which has had $15,000 worth of stock stolen during a robbery. Picture: Marie Caley NDOS Robinsons MC 6


A gang of burglars stormed into a Doncaster boutique in the middle of the night and escaped with a £15,000 haul of designer gear. At least half a dozen raiders forced their way through the front door of Robinsons in Bawtry and used a car to rip a security gate off the entrance way.

Store director James Jones, who runs the high-end store with his parents Wendy and Russell, said they are offering a £2,000 reward for information which leads to a conviction. James said: “It was 3.30am. From what we can see on the CCTV, a car pulls up and a couple of lads get out and interfere with the door.

“Then they tie a chain to the internal security gates, attach it to the tow-bar of the car and literally pull it away.” Seconds later, the CCTV shows a small van pulling up and another four yobs scurrying into the premises, on South Parade.

The gang got away with about £15,000 worth of designer menswear including items by Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, Armani and Lexington. James said: “With Lexington, there’s only us and one other place in the country which stocks the menswear so it’s quite distinct.”

James was first alerted to the raid when the security system at the building triggered an alarm on his phone and sent a call to the police. He rushed to the scene but by the time he arrived the burglars had scarpered, leaving the door and security gate destroyed.

“They had ripped half of the front door off and towed the security gate out,” said James. “It’s obviously an organised thing. The fact that no one was hurt means there was no real drama. The staff are now on a clean-up mission to make sure the shop is back to normal again.”

This is the second incident of its kind to take place at Robinsons in recent years. In June 2013, knife-wielding robbers threatened staff at the store and cleared the racks of up to £10,000 worth of Ralph Lauren shirts and Armani jeans.

James said: “We have got so many security measures in place but if people are desperate to get in, they will always find a way. “We count ourselves lucky that we weren’t here this time. I would rather that than they put a gun in someone’s face.”

A £2,000 reward is now on offer to anybody who can lead the Jones family to the burglars. “It‘s our intention to catch and prosecute everyone that did this,” said James.